Why De' CANVAS Design?

De’ CANVAS designs brings you the expertise of some of India’s best designers, service partners, a vast catalog of furniture and decor, reliable warranties and professional installation — online — making furnishing your dream home personal and easy.

What are the cities that De' CANVAS currently operates in?

We are currently based in Bengaluru & Mangalore too.

What kind of spaces does De' CANVAS design?

De’ CANVAS offers complete interiors for all residential homes, be it small or big, apartments or individual homes or villas. We offer modular redesigning, commercial set up designing as well.

Can i get just a part of my home designed?

Yes, De’ CANVAS can work with you to design a part of your home, be it your modular kitchen or your living room. We suggest a consultation with a designer to get a definite answer, based on your unique scope of work.

Do I have to regularly visit the site?

Not necessarily! our designer will visit your site .Our execution team will ensure that the work is executed as per agreed details.

I have concerns about my ongoing project. Who do I get in touch with?

You can raise a red flag regarding our designer, our service partner and/or on any other project-related complaints and escalate unresolved issues.

1st point of contact Step 1 escalation Step 2 escalation
Site Supervisor Designer /Project Manager Operations Manager

Who will be installing my home interiors?

Our on-site execution will be handled by expert service partners, trusted and handpicked from over hundereds of service providers and contractors in your city, to give you a superlative home design experience. All products are manufactured at our state-of-the-art factories then duly delivered and installed.

Who are service partners?

De’Canvas service partners are trusted professionals, chosen from thousands of service providers and contractors in your city. Our service partners undergo stringent verification including quality, timelines, pricing and workmanship.

How long will it take for delivery and installation of my modular products?

Once all orders of your project are confirmed and raised, we promise to deliver and install your modular products — kitchens, wardrobes and storage — in just 45 days!

How should I handover the house keys?

  • Option 1 – The client can hand over the keys to the designer at the time of the final discussion.
  • Option 2 – Clients can leave the keys at the Experience Center.
  • Option 3 – Clients can also come over to the site on the day of delivery with keys, in order to have the touch and feel of the products.
  • Option 4 – In case the client is, for various reasons, unable to drop the keys, then De’Canvas representative will go to the clients place to collect it.

Why is it called Modular ?

Since it is composed of standardized units or sections for easy construction or flexible arrangement it is called modular.

What is the Difference Between Modular Kitchen and Carpentry Kitchen?

A carpenter converts the site into small workshop and fabricates everything manually. Modular kitchen is manufactured only to be assembled at the site. Completion time lines are faster in modular works and finish quality will be better.

What Type of Finishes and Edge Banding We Are Offering ?

Finishes Details:

we are offering different types of finish like Laminate Finish, Acrylic Finish, Lacquered Glass & Profile Glass Shutters.
In laminate finish we are offering different types like High Gloss Laminates, Semi-Gloss Laminates, Matt Finish Laminates, Textured Laminates…

Edge Banding Details:

For carcase we use 0.8mm and 2mm PVC Edge Banding as per our standards.

For Kitchen shutters – Acrylic we use 2mm ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) edge banding imported from Italy and 2mm PVC edge banding for laminate finishes.

Can I use the Same Kitchen if I am Moving out ?

As long as you have the similar layouts it can be used. Failing which you need to fabricate or increase/decrease the number of cabinets.

Do youRepair/ Renovate Existing Kitchen ?

No we don’t repair the existing kitchen but we can remove the existing kitchen and lay a new kitchen bought from us. The charge for dismantling is extra.

What is the Starting Price of Kitchen ?

The basic kitchen starts from 1.5L INR onwards. However the kitchen pricing is derived on various other parameters.