Our Story...

Conceived with the idea of making each house a home, De’ Canvas, is set to pave its way ahead keeping all it's customers dreams as it's inspiration.

We believe that realism is just the start – our art lies in crafting immersive experiences that evoke emotion and inspire action. In short, we would leave no stone unturned to make your dream home a reality.

We are a team of ever evolving, super charged, creative and hard-working Interior design solution Champs.

Welcome to our world, where we take inspired actions to make realities far better than dreams.

Our Specialization

Home Interiors

In design dictionary , when we use the term “full home design”, we’re referring to designing interiors for your complete home, i.e, kitchen, bedrooms, living, dining and any other spaces in your home.


Yes, Canvas can work with you to design a part of your home, be it your modular kitchen or your living room.

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